Do you want to portray your artistic skills? Do you want to tell your story without speaking a single word? Searching for a place to showcase your skills? 
Well, you are here, Welcome to Snap IT. 


  • Participants need to send their entry based on the theme to the email id. 

  • Only one photo allowed per participant.

  • The rules for uploading pics are as follows :

         1.Only basic editing allowed.

         2.The photo should not contain any watermark.If any,The entry will be considered invalid.

         3.Any Plagiarism would lead to elimination of the entry submitted.

         4.The file name of the photo should contain the ID No. sent to you in your mail.

         5.Only one picture per theme per entry.

         6.Upload only high quality pictures and avoid cropping.(Selected entries will be printed and displayed)


  • Landscapes

  • Lights and shadow

  • Patterns and leading lines