Do you have a project that is as insightful as Vision’s Mind Stone? Well, here is your chance to redeem yourself! This is a suitable platform for students to present their innovative ideas and projects as solutions to real life problems. As Vision himself quoted once, “Our very strength invites challenge”, showcase your strengths in this Project Expo event.



  • A team must have 3 members with a working prototype of their approach to the problem statement. 

  • The participants are expected to setup their projects ready for evaluation in the mentioned hall. 

  • This will be examined and evaluated by a panel of industry relevant judges. 

  • The participants will be provided 10 minutes (5 minutes for project presentation, 3 minutes for project demonstration and 2 minutes for question session).

  • The entire idea need not to be implemented however the submissions must be functional so that it can be evaluated by the judges. 

  •  Students are expected to bring their own laptops, pen drives and other gadgets that are required for their project .



  • Robotics and Automation.

  • IOT and Wireless Sensors.

  • AR / VR / Gaming.

  • Mobile Application Development.

  • Artificial Intelligence / Data Analytics.