Are your ideas occupying more space in your brain? Don't you think its heavy? Yes, guys so we the team of DTS is presenting this event which gives you enough stage and opportunity to unload your ideas and upload ample innovation into them. As it goes without saying ideas are responsible for the progression and prosperity of humans – without them we would still be living in prehistoric times. So guys if you think you can be the change you want this world to be, do participate and remember guys “bigger the innovation, bigger the power surge”.


  • The participants are requested to present their ideas in the form of power point presentations consisting of a maximum of up to 10 slides. 

  • Each team can present their ideas on the stage for a time limit of 5 minutes. 

  • Among the 2 participants in a team each of them individually has to explain their ideas for at least 2 minutes. 

  • The presentations will be judged by the judging panel and the best power surging innovation bags the prize. 


  • Robotics and Automation.

  • IOT and Wireless Sensors.

  • AR / VR / Gaming.

  • Mobile Application Development.

  • Artificial Intelligence / Data Analytics.