Are you the most creative person in your group? Are you the best at designing? Then this event is designed for you to portray your talent in UI/UX skill. We believe design is for everyone so this will help you understand the expectations of a design case study, learn and receive valuable feedback. Provide your software users with the best experience. The purpose is to encourage and promote new ideas from existing domains to drive industry growth and enrich human lives. Remember sometimes less is more!


  • The domains will be released a day before the event.

  • Maximum 3 members per team.

  • The hackathon duration is 7hrs.

  • It is required for the participants to bring their own laptops.

  • The participants are supposed to submit an abstract in the first hour.

  • The participants are allowed to work on their project for the next 6hrs.

  • Just an hour or two before the time ends a review will be conducted by our reviewers and the participants get to make final changes to their project.

  • It is required for the Participants to complete at least one functionality with the backend.

  • After the 7 hours all the participants get to showcase their final product to the judges.

  • The teams that provide the best experience gets to take home the prize.